“The credibility and prestige are the most expensive heritage of your newspaper, and this is the heritage on which it is essential to invest, because in the vast sea of information today, the only possible selection is that of the source. And it is to be credible needed to overcome this natural selection of species.”

This is the exhortation that the President of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori Andrea Ceccherini, in his opening speech of the fifth edition of “Growing between the lines”, addressed to publishers attending the conference.
For the same reasons, Andrea Ceccherini invited the Italian journalists to defend their independence and “to avoid the self. The player is in the middle of your work.” Opening the two days of work, dedicated to define the best strategies for making the daily newspapers of effective civil and social growth tools for young people and the future ruling class, Andrea Ceccherini thanked all the allies who have decided to share the mission of Osservatorio. “The mission – he said – to help make the youth of today the free citizens of tomorrow, developing, thanks to reading more newspapers in comparison, the critical spirit that makes man free.” Saluting the teachers present the initiative, representing the more than 37,600 teachers throughout Italy participating in the project “The Quality Information in the Classroom”, “the majority shareholders of our great little civil and social enterprise”, Andrea Ceccherini wanted to launch an appeal the institutions and the government, “to establish a national day dedicated to civil and social role of Italian teachers. Aware that it is the poor country that does not recognize and celebrate the role of its faculty.”
The President of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori has therefore urged the more than 150 students invited to the conference, ideal ambassadors of the more than 1,502,700 boys high school second grade participating in the initiative “The Quality Information in the Classroom”, remembering “that the newspaper is not the oracle of Delphi. it is not an oracle from whose mouth everything that flows should be drunk as it were gospel. Rather, the newspaper must approcciarvi with extraordinary incredulity or, if you prefer, with a healthy mistrust.”
The President of the Osservatorio wanted to remind the world of banking institutions, and in particular the 18 foundations that, in many regions of the country, actively support “Quality Information in the Classroom.” “It’s a world, that of banking institutions – said Andrea Ceccherini – with whom we met of course. We met and we said, but because if your order is ours, we can not try to work better together? There we tried, we rolled up our sleeves, and here we are today, to assess the results of this joint work.”
To all the comrades of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani – Editori trip, Andrea Ceccherini has sought to stress that the aim of the project “The Quality Information in the Classroom” is “to free the young generation from the rampant conformism virus. A virus against which “The Quality Information in the Classroom” acts like a vaccine. a vaccine can help to awaken the critical consciousness of the young people of our country. Why is vigilant citizens that a country needs. Why Democracy is getting stronger, more and more firm, is always better.”